Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Jolly Good Time - Caribbean Style

My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a marriage seminar in Madison, Wisconsin during the month of August.  The event was sponsored by Jon's military branch and it gave us the opportunity for a weekend getaway.  There were several military couples at the event... some married many years and some recently married.

The second night of the seminar afforded all couples the opportunity to have a date night.  And yes, it was mandatory.  As you may have noticed from many of the posts on Hint of Thyme, Jon and I enjoy trying different restaurants and typically avoid the big name chains.  Since we are not from the Madison area it was difficult to find a place to have dinner.

Word of mouth is always the best advertisement.  A fellow seminar attender is from Madison and suggested that we check out a Caribbean restaurant.  Jon and I thought the idea is brilliant - especially since we were married on the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. 

We started our date night at a place called "Jolly Bob's" on Madison's east side.  The restaurant was small but perfectly decorated in Caribbean style.  They were only serving on the patio for dinner and we were seated outside.  The back patio had a large mural of the ocean and the only thing it was missing was palm trees and a reggae band. 

The menu had a great selection of drinks and food.  I opted to try a Raspberry Blast and Jon went with a traditional Bahama Mama.  Although the menu did not mention that my drink was blended... I still gave it a try.  I am not the biggest fan of blended drinks and ended up switching with Jon shortly after.  He's such a good husband!

For an appetizer we ordered one of our favorite snacks from the Bahama's ... Conch Fritters!  If you have not tried one before, we highly recommend it.  I have to admit that they tasted better while on the beach but Jolly Bob's fritters were still delicious.  It brought back some happy memories from our wedding. 

Conch Fritters

The entrees were served with a salad and Caribbean dressing.  It was served very elegantly on white plate with a bundle of lettuce in the middle and fruit surrounding.  The blend was fantastic together.

Dinner Salad with Papaya Dressing

My entree was the "Chicken Well Curry".  The menu states that it is spicy Jamaican chicken served over rice.  I was surprised to see how many other ingredients were included; such as papaya, peanuts, onion, carrots, egg, potatoes, and raisins.  Although the combination seems odd.. it was surprisingly delicious.  My only criticisms would be that the dish would have been a little better with some kind of sauce or gravy.

Jolly Bob's - Chicken Well Curry

Overall it was a very pleasant experience and the food was fantastic.  The servers were very accommodating. 

A few tips if you are interested in trying this restaurant - bring cash and bring a lot!  Although the meal was great... it was definitely over priced.  There were also no visible signs about being "cash only". 

Regardless, we had a very memorable meal and happy to share the experience with you! 

We could all use a hint of more time!
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