Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Best Thai Food I Ever Ate - "Samoeun's Happy Wok"

While taking a short weekend trip to Plover we found ourselves lost with no direction toward a delicious and much-needed dinner.  "Urban Spoon," my husband says with excitement.  He opens the app and begins searching through the categories... Caribbean, Mexican, Japanese.  We landed on "Thai" and a restaurant with a very good review!  Urban Spoon gave it 5 stars... probably worth checking out!

Tip: If you do not have Urban Spoon on your smart phone, I suggest downloading that right away.
It really comes in handy when you are visiting another city and would prefer to visit something other than the predictable "Chili's" or "Famous Dave's".  Urban Spoon is for the open-minded.

The app took us to "Samoeun's Happy Wok" in Plover, WI.  The outside looks small and possibly like an old cell phone store.  But the inside is intimate and well decorated. 

We did not see any alcoholic beverages listed on the menu; which was fine since we were there only for the food.  The waitress was prompt and helpful in answering any food questions.  I'll tell you one thing... it's good that we arrived hungry!

Appetizer: Vegetable Spring Roll with
Peanut Dipping Sauce

WOW!  The appetizer came out swinging at our taste buds.  This was without a doubt the freshest and most flavorful spring roll that I've ever eaten.  It was rolled with your typical spring roll ingredients; noodles, bean sprouts, lettuce and cilantro.  The dipping sauce was so unique and not easily identifiable.  According to my husband, "You must figure out how to make that!" Yes, it was pretty good.

2nd Appetizer: Crab Rangoon

The waitress appeared with an unexpected appetizer.  Apparently meals are served with 2 crab rangoon and a fortune cookie.  We were pleasantly surprised as we bit into the first rangoon with complimentary dipping sauce.  Again this was probably the freshest and most flavorful crab rangoon I've ever eaten.  The cream cheese filling was warm and just melted with every bite.  There were spring onions and small hints of crab inside.  The dipping sauce is a mixture of honey and ginger.

Jon's meal: Pork Pad Thai

My meal: Shrimp Curry Stir Fry
(with white rice)

My meal was outstanding!  The red curry sauce was very well balanced in spice and sweetness.  Even Jon, who does not handle spice very well, said that the spiciness was complimented well with the sweetness.  I detected a hint of coconut in the sauce.  The vegetables were fresh and still a little crunchy.  My only criticism would be to add more shrimp.

If this restaurant were to jack up their prices by another $3 - 5... it would be justifiable and I would not even complain about the the prices.  Everything was completely fresh and each dish was very well executed.  You can tell the the chef prides herself on making the finest foods for their customers. 

We asked if they had a website yet and informed the waitress that I would be writing a review about the restaurant.  They are in the process of working the website right now.  You can, however, find them on Google and Urban Spoon if you decide to visit Plover any time in the near future.

HIGHLY recommend it.  I just wish we had this exceptional, great restaurant closer to home.

*Photos taken by Jonny D.

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