Monday, April 4, 2011

Latest Wedding Fad - "Cupcake Pops"

Although I am already married, I found myself at the "Every Woman's Expo and Bridal Show" with my neighbor on Sunday.  One of the best things about an expo is having the opportunity to sample local catering and food.  (We were actually there for my friends college course in event planning. Not to eat.)

I was so impressed by this particular company that I just had to give it shout out on my blog.  If you are planning a wedding and not exactly a cake fan... I definitely recommend contacting this woman, Sweets By Laureen, LLC.

We received a very small but absolutely delicious sample of her red velvet cupcake pop.  They are adorable, insanely good in flavor and also budget-friendly.  I am not a fan of sweets and I definitely do not like cake.  Therefore, my recommendation must be favorable.  Honestly, I would shamelessly indulge in at least 5 of those cupcake pops in one sitting.

Anyway, that's for all the brides-to-be out there.  Thank you Ms. Laureen, it was a pleasure to meet you!

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