Monday, April 18, 2011

Can YOU Conquer the "Man Burger"?

My husband and I found a coupon to the 5th Quarter (Little Chute, WI) in our entertainment book.  We decided to stop in on a Thursday night to take advantage of the buy one, get one coupon deal.  Upon our arrival we discovered that it was not only ladies night (and therefore my beverage was free) but, they also offered a manly kind of meal.

The 2lb Burger Challenge!

This burger was absolutely massive.  According to the waitress, this "challenge" is extremely under utilized and not ordered very often.  It presented a bit of intimidation, but my husband was ready to conquer the "man burger".

If you are feeling extra hungry, here is some info about the challenge.  The burger is served on a large hamburger bun with 4 extremely juicy beef patties.  It also comes with tomato, lettuce and a pickle.  Here is the kicker... the challenge must be completed within 30 minutes AND is also served with about 2 or 3 lbs of french fries.  So if the burger doesn't take you down, the french fries definitely will. 

The only other "manly" item it was missing was a few slices of ... bacon!

What is the prize for completing such a challenge?  You receive a 5th Quarter t-shirt with a side of burger conquering pride. 

Warning: You may also suffer from a mild to severe case of the meat sweats.

Do you think you can take on the burger challenge?

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