Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Find the European Treasure in Your City

Have you found a hidden treasure in your city yet?  We recently discovered a local European grocery and deli in our city.  My husband loves European cooking and has fond memories of eating particular Russian dishes.

Russian Delights, located in Appleton, is a secret of the city.  It is like stepping into Russia, Poland, Ukraine and other surrounding countries (or so I'm told since I have not yet been to Europe). 

This grocery store has imported goods from many of the northwest European countries.  The small grocery area has items such as canned goods, cookies, beer, bread, etc.  The deli has meats, cheeses and even frozen items. 

We absolutely rave about the home-made perogies!  The owner makes about 3 different varieties from what we have seen. There is the typical potato/onion perogie and also a feta/spinach perogie.  She recently introduced me to a new perogie with "cabbage" or sauerkraut.  The German heritage in me just could not pass that up.

I'm sure there is more than one way to make the perogie.  Keep them frozen until ready to cook.  We boil the perogies in water until slightly translucent and they begin to float to the top.  Drain and serve with butter, salt, and pepper.  That's all it needs.  These home-made dumplings will melt in your mouth.

Head over to Russian Delights to enjoy a taste of Russia! 

If you don't live in the Fox Valley, we encourage you to find the European treasure in your city and give it a try!

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  1. I've never tried perogies before, but they sound really good. You have to take me with you some day to Russian Delights! :)