Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Art in a Glass - Bloody Mary's

What is not to like about Bloody Mary's?  It comes in many different forms and is essentially a meal in a glass.  With or without the vodka.. a Bloody Mary can be one of the tastiest treats if it's made correctly.

Everyone has their own way of concocting this tomato-based beverage.  There are also many drink "accessories" that can be included in the glass.  So what are some of your favorite Bloody Mary fixings?

In addition to having an assortment of fixings, the Bloody Mary is often served with a little friend - often referred to as a chaser or side car.  The beer chaser is an excellent pairing with spicy drinks. 

Speaking of spicy... let's talk about how I typically create this delicious beverage.

The way that I create a Bloody Mary is to start out with ice in each glass and have an additional glass for mixing.  Over the top of the ice, I will add celery salt, worcestershire sauce, a little pickle juice and for those that like it spicy.. hot sauce.  Then I will add a couple shots of premium vodka and the tomato juice.  Yes, the tomato juice does matter.  You want something that is already pre-mixed and it should be thicker than something like V8.  To mix throughly, transfer the drink from the full glass to an empty glass and repeat until mixed well.  Add a squeeze of lemon at the end.  The fixings will depend upon the person's preference. 

I have seen everything but the kitchen sink added to this drink.  Asparagus, string cheese, pickles, shrimp, celery stick, beef stick, green olives, brussel sprouts, pearl onions, mozzarella balls, black olives, green beans, banana peppers.  The list goes on.  Basically if it fits in the glass.. why not put it in there, right?

This beverage definitely gets my vote for "art in a glass".  Wouldn't you agree?

To read more about the history of Bloody Mary cocktails, visit Wikipedia

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  1. And what would suggest as a good chaser to go with your delicious Bloody Mary?

  2. I usually pour a creamy beer like New Glarus - Spotted Cow. :)