Saturday, April 23, 2011

Central Waters - A Local Watering Hole in Amherst

Amherst, WI is home to a local brewery, Central Waters Brewing Company.  Although they have many impressive innovations, I wasn't all that impressed with the customer service of a particular employee at that company.  They do, however, make some tastey beverages.

When I called to ask when brewery tours were offered the guy on the phone seemed irritated with the inquiry.  Apparently tours are only offered on Friday's; BUT you won't find that listed on the website any where.  When we arrived the same guy was working at the very busy "tap room" (or bar).  He quickly seemed to turn away our service when we pulled out the typical form of payment... plastic.  This place is cash only (again.. not something mentioned on the website), so arrive prepared.

Despite the poor initial service and uninformed cash only feature, we still took the time to sample a beer.  My husband tried the Illumination and also bought a 4-pack.  I sampled the Honey Blonde Ale, which was just like any of your typical light ale's.  See a list of their beers here.

The "tap room" concept was extremely smart.  It was apparent that locals in Amherst enjoy gathering at the brewery to unwind and catch up with each other.  Many arrived to refill their half gallon jug with more beer.  The beer was good and the environment was industrial-trendy.  I did enjoy that part of the visit.

Unfortunately, with tours only offered on Friday we were not able to interact or learn a whole lot about the company.  Perhaps they will expand tour hours and their website information as the company grows within the state.

Overall, there were areas for improvement but.. not a bad place to stop on the state brewery list.

*Photo take by Jonny D.

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