Friday, August 27, 2010

What Happened To That Cheese?

Looking for a healthy lunch that is affordable and will keep you full until dinner time?

The latest craze in my kitchen is bleu cheese. I used to LOATHE bleu cheese.. in fact, I ordered a Cobb Salad when I was 13 and thought someone had put dish soap in as the dressing. But, as you get older and TRY more foods that are full of flavor.. you might begin to love the foods that you used to hate. I actually started by trying gorgonzola first - which is basically a rich and creamy version of bleu cheese. Yum! So I finally opened my mind up to trying the cheese-gone-bad again. And 14 years later... I have become a bleu advocate.

So here is a salad that you will probably find in any health food magazine or book... the difference is that I'm not a health-nut.... I'm just a girl that enjoys a little flavor in my life. Try this for lunch one day.. it gives you a lot of nutritional options that your heart and waist will thank you for (well.. I hope that my does, any way!).

Raspberry and Bleu Cheese Salad
- Spinach OR Romaine Salad mix (even better if you get it FRESH from the farmers market)
- Bleu Cheese Crumbles - this can be found in the dairy section on the shelf below the shredded cheese
- Halved Walnuts - toasted or untoasted
- Raspberries - antioxidants anyone??
- Kraft Raspberry Vinaigrette with Poppyseeds (Made with EVOO) - found by all the other Kraft dressings ... or if you prefer something with no fat that's fine. I've tried a lot of dressings and found this one to be the best.

Get the raspberries when they're in season - otherwise they will run up your grocery bill. The dressing can run you about $3 - 4 so, maybe find a coupon for it. And the bleu cheese crumbles are a little pricey, about $4 depending on where you go. The good thing about bleu cheese is that it will last a long time... it's already moldy right? Ha!

Well.. I hope that you enjoy this lunch option. I was itching to write about something so even if you don't have an exploratory palate.. that's okay. Thanks for reading.

Coming later this evening (hopefully!) ... Spaghetti and homemade meatballs.. with green bean and a honey balsamic dressing. Mmm! Can't wait. Off to the grocery store....

Happy Friday!

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