Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Antojito's Mexicanos Restaurant - Authentic Cuisine

I have been living in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin for over a year now.  As a Milwaukee native, I was most familiar with some of the great restaurants in that area.  After relocating, I've had trouble finding a favorite Mexican restaurant to replace the ones I've been missing from my home town.

Jon and I were downtown one evening at a local establishment and asked the bartender if she knew of a good Mexican restaurant in the area.  She immediately shouted in excitement, "You HAVE to try Antojito's. They have the most delicious bean dip and food."  We always appreciate a great suggestion and decided to try Antojito's.

The decor and atmosphere is outstanding.  It is the kind of place that makes you completely forget that you are only in Wisconsin.  It felt like we were being served at a local restaurant in Mexico.  The only downside was parking; which is a little tricky in that particular strip mall.

The meal starts with a free serving of chips and salsa.  Antojito's kicks it up and adds a spicy, thin bean dip.  Everything was delicious.

I ordered a roasted poblano pepper dish that was breaded and filled with squeaky cheese. It was topped with an incredible buttery but thin sauce.  I cannot remember the name of the dish but it was probably one of the most delicious dishes that I've eaten at a Mexican restaurant.  I added the pepper, cheese and sauce to a flour tortilla along with Spanish rice, lettuce and salsa.  Yum!  Very unique and authentic food.

Jon and I both enjoyed a decently sized and priced margarita with spicy salt on the rim.  We both definitely recommend checking out Antojito's.

If you do not live in the Fox Valley, I suggest browsing UrbanSpoon.com or adding the app to your smart phone.  It will give you great food recommendation for your local area and is especially helpful when traveling.  Enjoy!

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