Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trout Springs Winery & Vineyard

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day in Wisconsin.  The husband and I decided to take a drive to Lake Michigan.  Along the way, I snapped many pictures and admired the abundance of God's fall color palette. It is absolutely beautiful in Northern Wisconsin this time of year.  With fall comes colors and with colors comes tourists flocking to the Midwest's wine country - Door County.

Jon and I did not drive all the way to Door County but, we did find a very nice winery only 30 minutes from our home.  So we made a stop at Trout Springs Winery & Vineyard in Greenleaf, WI.  

It's a smaller and newer vineyard.  The tasting room and shop are in the same room - which gives a more intimate feeling that you might not get at larger winery's.  We decided to do the wine tasting for $3.50, which includes 7 wines and pairings.

Although I didn't take notes, like the woman to my left, I was thoroughly impressed with their wine knowledge and the amount of time they put in to finding delicious cheeses to pair with the wine.  A majority of their wines are reds and are typically paired with a BelGioioso Cheese (Freedom, WI).

They will start by allowing you to smell, sip and taste the wine.  Then you are given a small piece of cheese that has been beautifully paired to compliment the wine.  I can honestly say that 5 of the 7 wines that we sampled just popped with such incredible, intense flavor.  There were a couple times that I just had to close my eyes and follow up with a "wow" compliment.  Oh my goodness.  Obviously, I highly recommend the wine tasting at Trout Springs.

I wish I could give individual assessments of each wine but, I'd rather that you try it for yourself.  We'll just say that I'm typically not a fan of reds and ended up purchasing 2 bottles of the Syrah.  The only downside to a smaller winery is the prices.  According to the owner, they do not sell through distributors yet and sell out of everything that they make, which can make some of the prices a little high.  However, I thought it was totally worth it.

Such a lovely afternoon!  :)

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  1. Rosey D.
    Thanks for the awesome blog note you wrote about our winery. I get updates from Google anytime our winery is mentioned and I was notified of this great post you wrote.
    We're glad you enjoyed the winery and in appreciation of your helping us expand our customer base we'd like to offer you a 10% discount next time you come in. Just let them know that I offered this discount to you.

    Thanks again,
    Jason DeBaker
    Trout Springs Winery

  2. Jason,

    Wow, thank you very much! I appreciate it. I'm sure that I will see you all soon then. Great customer service and great wine is definitely something that needs to known. Thanks so much!