Friday, August 17, 2012

Celebrating 2 Years on Hint of Thyme

Picture taken at Solea Mexican Restaurant - June 2012

Greeting readers! 

This month we are celebrating 2 years on Hint of Thyme.  I have learned so much about blogging and new cooking techniques in a short amount of time.  When I started Hint of Thyme in 2010, I really only planned to share it with friends and family.  It still amazes me that I have readers as far away as Australia and Hong Kong. 

It has been an awesome journey that I will gladly continue.  I had much to learn after moving away from my home town in Milwaukee and getting acquainted with my new home kitchen.  Jon has thoroughly enjoyed his position as the "unofficial taste tester" for Hint of Thyme.  It has been a joy for us to bring you restaurant and brewery reviews.

Let's look back at the first ever blog post.  This post is from my former life as a wheat eater.  Tomato and Basil Pizza Pasta was once my most favorite meal to make on a Friday night.  I recommend this dish to any young ladies that might be trying to impress a date or if you are looking for something more flavorful than "Hamburger Helper".  This dish can also be made with Gluten-Free pasta and sauce.

Here are a few popular posts and favorites on Hint of Thyme.
  • A Man Needs Meat and Potatoes:  I certainly did not expect this post to gain this level of popularity.  It has become a "pot-luck" favorite and often requested at gatherings.  It's amazing what you can create without a plan or recipe book.

  • Gardening and Cooking - It's a Learning Process:  This post about a bad gardening experience received the most views EVER in only 1 week.  If you're looking for a good laugh at my total girly behavior and amateur gardening experience... this post is for you!

I hope that you will continue to visit and cook with me.  In the next coming months, I am hoping to dedicate more time to posting new Gluten-Free recipes and reviews.

Cheers to finding little moments of happiness through food, faith and friendship!

Thank you for making my first 2 years memorable.  Stay tuned for more recipes to follow.

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