Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finding Harmony in the Cafe

Downtown Appleton has a variety of places to eat, drink and hang out.  One of my favorite lunch spots is definitely the Harmony Cafe (take a look at the menu).

One of the best things about the Cafe is that they offer sandwich options for everyone - vegan, vegetarian, meat... they got it!  I also enjoy sipping a latte while waiting for my sandwich order to come up.  My only complaint about the Cafe is that they have forgotten my order more than once and I've had to wait a bit longer.  Not the end of the world though.

If you are in the downtown area and looking for a healthy sandwich, I would recommend the Presto Pesto or the Durkee Street Wrap.  Yum!!  The hummus has an excellent flavor in the Street Wrap.  The Pesto sandwich also has a very nice grilled flavor but without any meat.  If you are looking for something with meat, I would suggest trying the Southwest Chicken Wrap.  This sandwich still offers a healthy option of chicken while giving it a kick of spiciness.

Try one of these sandwiches today!

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