Friday, September 10, 2010

Ode to a Fried Egg

Two years ago I sat down to dinner with a friend in Bay View, Wisconsin. It was surely a memorable meal.. and not just because of the company that evening. In Bay View there are many trendy, artsy places to dine. A few of my favorites were Cafe Lulu, Barnacle Bud's, and Cafe Centraal.

This particular evening, I found myself at Cafe Centraal enjoying their outdoor patio during a summer month and chatting with our wedding photographer (and friend). In addition to some delicious glasses of Chardonnay, I wanted to try something new on the menu. I ordered the Bay View Belt sandwich - which is essentially a fancy version of a BLT with garlic aioli and 2 fried eggs. It came with sweet potato fries with cajun spices. After thoroughly enjoying this delicatable creation.. I couldn't help but wonder this - why do we not eat fried eggs on more food items?

And so began my new found love for the fried egg. This is my ode to this fine "fried" food.

So last weekend.. I spread a small amount of butter on 2 sides of some white bread and toasted in a skillet. Then I fried an egg (very poorly, I might add). I started to build my sandwich with.. turkey meat, leafy greens, a fried egg (with salt and pepper), garlic mayo AND hot sauce. Yum!

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