Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Delicious Medley - Every Time!

It never fails... any time I combine spinach, tomato, and garlic on ANYTHING... the flavors will explode. My husband and I had some left over jars of Bloody Mary ingredients and I wanted to use up what was left of the artichoke hearts.  So I decided to combine the artichoke with shrimp and the delicious medley. Wow!

I still need to spend some time perfecting this recipe before I can give it out but, I'm definitely on the right track with something.  I'll give you a few tips as I continue to work on this one though.

- Butter, garlic and chardonnay make a great sauce when combined. It's so light and pairs well with a seafood pasta dish.
- I tried whole wheat linguine in this shrimp dish and... not a fan. I'm not sure that I believe anyone that actually enjoys eating it. "It's healthier".. yes, I know. But I want my food to taste GOOD, not like cardboard. Use the good noodles.. I insist.
- Do not use to many artichokes from a jar or can. Chop them finely if you choose not to use fresh artichoke. The flavor will compliment the medley but too much of anything canned can leave a bad taste.
- Try Asiago cheese on a pasta dish. I recommend it.

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